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Recycled Glass Artist - Claire Shahrivar

Original Glass Pictures  Glass Jewellery



Recycled Glass Artist

Claire is a Professional Glass Artist who is a resident Glass Blower at the famous Isle of Wight Glass Studio which was initially established in St Lawrence in 1973.  Now operating at Arreton Barns, the studio continues to create exquisite hand blown glass pieces.

Claire uses remnants from her day job to create these beautiful Art Pictures which are a great gift for a friend or for your own enjoyment.

Each Picture is individually hand drawn and Claire cleverly uses her Glass remnants to bring the picture to life.  The Glass remnants also work perfectly in Claire's necklaces and earrings.  We can't wait to see what Claire brings into Aqualibrium each time she comes in, as every single piece is a unique original that will never be exactly the same as any other.

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