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Fine Jewellery by Clare Goddard


About Clare

Fine Jewellery from Across the Water

London Jeweller Clare Goddard has over 20 years’ experience in the fine jewellery trade. Having trained with Jubee (Aqualibrium Owner) at Birmingham University, Clare started her career in bustling Hatton Garden the epicentre of the jewellery industry in London.  Swiftly moving onwards and upwards, Clare has worked with many prestigious London designer boutiques where she could combine her passion for fashion with her jewellery making skills.

Clare predominately works in Gold and Fine Gems, so these two solo collections, Dawn and Kite, are a new direction for her.

Inspired by nature. The bud shaped form in Clare’s Dawn collection symbolises new beginnings, the start of spring and new life.  It reminds us that everything is ephemeral, forever moving and changing it its own cycle of life.


The pieces in Clare’s Kite collection are fluid in their form and movement, evocative of a kite soaring through the air. The symbolism of freedom and movement whilst at the same time being gently anchored to earth reminds us that we are all individuals but also part of something much greater.

Both collections are made from Sterling Silver and are Hall Marked accordingly.  The 18K Gold Plating is 1 micron thick on Earrings and 2 microns on Necklaces and Bracelets.

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