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About Kim

Designed by Nature, Made by Kim

Kim's jewellery journey began in London where she  gained an honours degree in Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts.  She initially worked for three manufacturing jewellers, before setting up her own small business.  Working from her Isle of Wight studio, Kim, specialises in creating hand made everyday floral, and botanical statement jewellery. Rather than create on a mass scale, Kim consciously chooses to retain a close connection to her work and her clients.

Kim's silver and gold jewellery is both organic and sculptural, and unequivocally inspired by natural plant and flower forms.  To achieve this, Kim will often deconstruct plants to have a really close look at them, before recreating them.


Kim loves life on the Isle of Wight, having moved  here to find a quieter lifestyle.  A highlight of Kim's career was appearing in Season One of the competitive jewellery making show 'All the Glitters' on BBC 2. (You can still see it on Catch Up)


She welcomes commissions, so please do ask if you'd like something special made just for you.

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