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Still Life by Amanda Selway
Original Oils


About Amanda

Still Life Artist

Exhibiting at Aqualibrium Gallery since 2021, Amanda Selway gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art whilst at university and subsequently worked as an Illustrator and Teacher.  Living in Bembridge, just across the Harbour from Aqualibrium Gallery, Amanda rediscovered her love for fine art and painting after the birth of her children.  Amanda paints “Alla Prima” (wet on wet) with Oils, and despite being an exceedingly versatile artist, for now, her primary passion is “Still Life”, with a focus on how both light and shadow fall across her subject.  Married to a Chef and of course, by living on the Isle of Wight, Amanda has an abundance of fresh local produce to experiment with.  Each and every piece of fruit that Amanda captures, looks good enough to eat and we are amazed each time a fresh batch of her artworks come into the Gallery. 

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